(Belated) Halloween Festivities in Team Fortress 2

I know it’s a week late, but Team Fortress 2 was updated last week for the Halloween weekend. A new map was published – sort of a haunted farmyard style with lots of pumpkins and ghosts, a very spooky and autumnal feel, yet it still managed to fit into Team Fortress 2.

I think it’s great that game developers take the time to do these little updates for their community which, while individually or only small, synergistically add up to a great experience for its players. The TF2 developers are renowned for this, and I think rightly so. It is rare that any game (other than those of the MMORPG genre) get any kind of holiday event update, let alone something as spectacular as this.

Bravo Valve and the Team Fortress 2 developers, here are a few pictures.

You can see a purple ghost in one of the images, these seemed to appear randomly around the map, and if you got too close to one, your avatar would run around with its hands behind its head shivering, as if the ghost had scared it. Also visible is a pumpkin pickup, which when collected gives the player temporary critical hits for their weapon.

I wonder what they will give us for Christmas…



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