Seedbox part 2

I posted a few weeks ago about ordering a seedbox, but did not give any specifics as to ensure I did not look like I was advertising for them. Anyway now my month has expired and I can reveal that the company I used was These are one of the cheapest seedbox providers I could find, but if you google for reviews you will see that people don’t have very high opinions of them. However, I decided to give them a try as $8 isn’t really that much to lose if I never heard from them again after paying.

Setup Time
Very bad – the website states a setup time in under 6 hours, but if you read the site T&Cs, it covers itself with a promise of under 48 hour setup time. I wasn’t impressed with this shady tactic to begin with. However, it took about 4 days for them to set up my seedbox. This is not the place you want to rent from if you are desperate for a seedbox quickly.

Bad – although all the tickets I raised with the support ‘staff’ were eventually answered, they all took a day or two. And if you don’t have access to the seedbox or have a similar fundamental issue, it’s very frustrating not having quick support replies. You can add a support person to MSN, however they took a week to accept my response and when I contacted them instead, I recieved no response. However the staff were curtious and friendly once you got a response.

Website design
Bad – it was sometimes hard to find the login area of the site (of which there are 3 – control panel, seedbox control and FTP). Also, when I forgot my login details for the control panel, I used the site’s reset password feature only to find it didn’t work. Any amount of times I tried and the new passwords didn’t work – so I had to contact support to reset my details. The seedbox control page uses TorrentFlux, and you access your files using FTP (not secure option as far as I could see). One annoying thing about TorrentFlux is that when deleting a torrent, you have to manually delete the data via FTP to free up drive space for your next torrent.

OK – the fastest download speed I saw was just over 3000KB/sec, while the fastest upload was 300KB/sec. I’m not sure whether these speeds were limited by the relatively small swarm sizes of the torrents I were on, but these were the speeds  I were expecting, more or less. The FTP access also seems fairly quick – when downloading from it I achieved 1150KB/sec constant which is the maximum speed my connection can achieve.

Good – can’t complain here – the only thing to remember is that you get what you pay for, and this applies especially in webhosting and internet services which are often oversold which I am sure is also the case here.

If you’re looking for a cheap seedbox and don’t have massive expectations, biohost is OK. You won’t get fantastic service or lots of features, but for $8 you can’t really expect that. For $8 you get 2.5GB of drive space with a supposedly dedicated 1Gbit line. But is a seedbox really worth it? Well if you have no other option, then yes it is, but I would not say it was worth renting one if you are able to use BitTorrent at home already.



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    […] Update: See my review of Biohost here. […]

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