Using Cheat Engine to fiddle with Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled blitz is a popular game on Facebook, similar in some ways to Tetris. Cheat Engine is Windows software for viewing and changing memory in processes, it is called so as it is widely used to create cheats and hacks for computer games. It can also be used to fiddle about with Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to change the Bejeweled Blitz multiplier to get very high scores using Cheat Engine.

In this tutorial I am using Mozilla Firefox, but the steps should be the same for Internet Explorer, Opera or any other browser you may use.

Step 0 – Download and install Cheat Engine
Available free here.

Step 1 – Attach Cheat Engine to the web browser process
Open Firefox and go to the Bejeweled Blitz game page and leave it on the game menu. Click the ‘Process’ menu item in Cheat Engine and select ‘firefox.exe’.

Step 2 – Start searching for the multiplier address
First, we need to find where the game stores the value for the multiplier, to do this we will search through Firefox’s memory for the multiplier number, we then change the multiplier in the game (the same way you usually do, by matching 3 or more jewels with a multiplier jewel) and search again within our results for numbers that are now the new number. We do this until we find memory locations that change when the multiplier does – and these will be the ones that dictate what the multiplier is. If you don’t understand at this point, it may become clearer further on, at this point all you need to do is enter ‘1’ into the ‘Value’ text box and click ‘First Scan’ (this will scan the Firefox memory for all instances of the number 1 – there will be a lot).

Step 3 – Change the multiplier and search again
To find the right memory location, we need to eliminate all the addresses that don’t change when the multiplier does. To start doing this, play the game until you match a x2 multiplying jewel and your game multiplier changes to 2. Now pause the game by pressing ‘Menu’ and return to Cheat Engine. In the ‘Value’ text box, type ‘2’ and click the ‘Next Scan’ button (this searches for all the addresses that hold the number 2 in the list of previous results [the addresses that held 1]). The number of addresses in the list should have decreased but will still be very large.

Step 3 – Continue changing the multiplier and searching
To do this, you can either continue in your current game till you get a x3 multiplier or start a new game by clicking ‘Menu’ then ‘Main Menu’. When you start a new game this way, your multiplier resets to 1 so you can search within the results again by typing ‘1’ in the ‘Value’ text box and clicking ‘Next Scan’. If you start a new game by clicking on the ‘Bejeweled Blitz’ link on Facebook or refreshing the page, you must start again from step 1. However, I continued till I got a x3 multiplier and then search by typing ‘3’ in the ‘Value’ text box and clicking ‘Next Scan’. You should now have a much smaller list this time, don’t worry if you haven’t though, you can just play more to get another multiplier and search again – eventually it will get smaller.

Step 4 – Search within your small list to find 4 values
We now have a list with only a few values, which you can see changing as you play the game. 4 of these values control what your multiplier is. We now need to do one last search, so start a new game or continue to a x4 multiplier and search for the new value. I started a new game and got to a x3 multiplier and then searched by typing ‘3’ into the ‘Value’ text box and clicking ‘Next Scan’. You should now have a list of 4 addresses which hold the number of your current multiplier.

Step 5 – Change the value of the multiplier addresses
We have the list of the 4 addresses that control the multiplier. We now need to change them. To do this, double-click each of them in the list, and they should add one at a time to the grey area at the bottom of the Cheat Engine window. When all 4 are added, select them all at the bottom part of the window (to do this, click the top one, hold shift and use the down arrow to select the other 3 too) and then press enter. A window will appear asking you what value you want to change the addresses to. In this box type something like 25 and click OK.

Step 6 – Play the game with the new multiplier
Now you can continue playing the game with the new multiplier until the time runs out. When a new game starts you will have to repeat step 5 to change the values again, as the game resets the multiplier to 1 when you finish it. You can keep doing this all the time you have Bejeweled Blitz open in the same window. You can minimise the window but if you close it or refresh the page, you will have to start again from step 1. It’s very easy to get a high score using a high multiplier.

If, while playing with a high multiplier such as anything over 10, the game puts a multiplier jewel on the screen, the board will freeze until the timer runs out. There is nothing you can do about this it just seems that the game is unable to draw higher numbers on to the jewels.

You can also set your multiplier to a negative value, and your negative score will show on your scores graph and in the game itself. However, on the leaderboard it will show as a very very large number because of how negative numbers are stored in binary on computers.

This just scratches the surface of memory debugging but shows just how useful it can be. Note that this guide is for educational use only.




  1. free jack said,

    2010/09/17 at 6:25 am

    Hi and thanks for this great post.
    can you also show the way how to find the number to reduce the different jeweles? i saw a video where the number of different jeweles was reduced to 5. i would like to know how to find the memory adress for that.

    thanks a lot

  2. louise hesketh said,

    2010/11/25 at 4:58 pm

    this doesnt work anymore i have tried all day!

  3. Phil said,

    2011/01/20 at 12:42 am

    dude your my guardian angel. works a treat. can actually beat my 12 year old son now. this will show him

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