Windows Live Messenger proxy settings for Hull University

After returning from Christmas, Windows Live Messenger seems to have been broken on the University network. I had solved the problem by using Pidgin with custom proxy settings, but having nothing much to do on a Saturday night decided to see if I could get Windows Live Messenger to work again. I succeeded and here’s how:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
    Click Tools, then Options.
    Click on the Connection tab.
    Click the LAN Settings button.

  2. Tick ‘Automatically detect settings’.
    Tick ‘Use automatic configuration script’.
    In the Address text box type the following:
    Tick ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’.
    Click Advanced.

  3. In the top-most text box labelled HTTP, type the following:
    In the text box to the right of it type 3128

  4. Close OK on all the Internet Explorer windows.
    Close Internet Explorer.
    Open Windows Live Messenger.
    Click on the blue Question Mark.
    Select ‘Show the menu bar’.

  5. Click the Tools menu item.
    Click the Connection tab.
    Click Advanced Settings.

  6. The text box labelled HTTP should now contain the text and the text box to the right, 3128. If not, you did not save the details correctly in step 3.
    In the text box labelled Username type – this is the six-digit number used to log onto the University network e.g.
    In the text box labelled Password type your University network password.

  7. Click OK on all windows.
    Enter your Windows Live account details in the Sign in window.
    Click Sign in.

    The proxy settings listed above should also work for most other applications that need them. Some will get their settings from the system settings (those that are entered in Internet Explorer) – however, others such as Pidgin messenger require you to enter them manually. In this case the proxy details are as follows:

    Proxy auto-configuration script: or
    Proxy type: HTTP
    Proxy address:
    Proxy port: 3128
    Proxy username:
    Proxy password: your university network password



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