Fishing Diary Number 1

I fished long pond at Barnby Dun tonight. I arrived at around 6:45, just catching the last of the setting sun above the cooling towers. With only a few hastily dug worms I wasn’t expecting a particularly good session but was just happy to be fishing. I fished just to the left of the tree on the far side of the pond.,+Doncaster,+United+Kingdom&ll=53.580531,-1.078723&spn=0.000261,0.00071&t=h&z=21

I set up a shallow rig with a size 14 hook and insert waggler float, cast close to any features I thought looked inviting. I caught 4 small rudd in the hour or so I fished for, mostly from close in around the fring lillies, but also had one from half way across the pond.

There was an autumnul chill in the air, especially once the sun had disappeared, and this seemed to reduce the number of fish topping but not dry up bites. The evening is getting noticably shorter now and I would have struggled to fish much past half past 8 for lack of light.

Funnily, just as I was thinking about packing up for the night, I noticed my line wasn’t moving as I would expect while I was reeling. Upon closer inspection I realised that the mainline had snapped at the reel. Luckily the wet end was still threaded through the rod eyes and I was able to bring the rig in by hand. The snapped part of the line had some abrasion signs when I felt it afterwards.



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