Fishing Diary Number 2

I fished on the South Yorkshire Navigation Canal at Barnby Dun tonight with my dad. We were a few pegs towards Doncaster from the lift bridge over the canal at Barnby Dun. The weather in the day had been warm, clear and sunny and was mainly still so when we arrived, but seemingly reacting to us being there, as soon as we sat down to fish, a cool wind began to blow from the North.,+Doncaster,+United+Kingdom&ll=53.5781,-1.074956&spn=0.000261,0.00071&t=h&z=21

I began fishing up in the water as there seemed to be a fair amount of small fish topping in the evening warmth. My first cast found me snagged in the branch of an overhanging tree causing me to snap my line, I decided it probably best to move pegs rather than to be getting in tangles all evening. My dad was fishing with a small swimfeeder with maggots, one peg up from me.

The fish weren’t responding to my shallow approach so I deepened the rig and bottom-fished the remaining time. I managed two small perch, two beautiful (although very small) gudgeon and a nice surprise roach on the last cast as my eyes were straining to see the float.

There was quite a flow on the canal for most of the evening, probably down to the number of boats passing through locks further upstream (although none passed us). It was dark by 8:15 and getting quite chilly by 8. It always feels so much colder when you’re sitting still fishing, although a good catch can quickly take your mind of this.

While we were there, we saw lots of black smoke billowing from somewhere between us and the cooling towers. Later a fire engine drove to the end of long pond and stayed for about 20 minutes, presumably putting the fire out, although it did not have sirens on. We went for a look after fishing to see what had caused the smoke but couldn’t see anything for lack of light, hopefully I’ll be able to see what happened next time I’m down there.



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