Fishing Diary Number 3

Tonight I fished for a couple of hours on the Stainforth-Keadby canal at the Kirk Bramwith marina. This is a handy place to fish with easy bank access and parking right behind where you fish. You often fish alone but it can get busier on sunny summer evenings when you might see 4 or 5 other anglers on the bank of about a quarter of a mile.,-1.064644&sspn=0.134065,0.363579&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Kirk+Bramwith,+Doncaster,+United+Kingdom&ll=53.595038,-1.066833&spn=0.001043,0.00284&t=h&z=19

I quivertipped about a third of the way across the canal with a – maggot feeder and a size 14 hook. Bait was maggots of course, red and white, 3 of them on the hook with colours changed every few casts. It started off slow, and with a fairly strong wind I was glad to be behind my umbrella. Eventually though the bites started to show and soon after I caught my first and only fish of the evening –  a small ruffe, well received as I haven’t caught one in a number of years. I usually catch mainly bream on this section of the canal but couldn’t tempt any tonight, although I had a lot of line bites as well as a few drop back bites on the quivertip which might indicate the presence of them.

I stayed till around 7 o’clock and packed up using the tried and tested ‘keep the rod in for as long as possible, pack everything else up away first’ method (surely the method of any sane fisher-person). With the early sunset so different to the ones of late June that I am still used to, and the cold wind hitting around 10 degrees celsius, it’s clear that autumn is not on its way any more, but is whole heartedly here and has unpacked all it’s luggage.



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